Week of August 1st through August 5th

  • Monday August 1st This trial date is Canceled 
  • Tuesday August 2nd This trial date is Canceled 
  • Wednesday August 3rd This trial date is Canceled
  • Thursday August 4th This trial date is Canceled 
  • Friday August 5th This trial date is Canceled 

Week of August 8th through August 12th

  • Monday August 8th  This trial date is Canceled 
  • Tuesday August 9th
  • Wednesday August 10th
  • Thursday August 11th This trial date is Canceled 
  • Friday August 12th This trial date is Canceled

Week of August 15th through August 19th

  • Monday August 15th
  • Tuesday August 16th
  • Wednesday August 17th
  • Thursday August 18th
  • Friday August 19th

Week of August 22nd through August 26th

  • Monday August 22nd
  • Tuesday August 23rd
  • Wednesday August 24th
  • Thursday August 25th
  • Friday August 26th

Week of August 29th through September 2nd

  • Monday August 29th
  • Tuesday August 30th
  • Wednesday August 31st
  • Thursday September 1st
  • Friday September 2nd

    These instructions are current as of July 29, 2016.     

   If you have any questions about the your status as a juror, you may confirm the status by calling for the daily recorded jury message at 920-386-3919. The message is updated Monday through Friday by 5:00pm. You may also contact the Jury Clerk, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm at 920-386-3930.

Last updated: 7/29/2016 2:26:57 PM