Patti K. Hilker, Dodge County Treasurer

The Treasurer's Office is located in:
Dodge County Administration Building
1st Floor (North end)
127 E. Oak St.
Juneau, WI 53039-1390

Phone: 920-386-3782; Fax: 920-386-4291 

Mission Statement 


The Treasurer's Office mission is to provide the highest standards of service to our residents, to support local government and taxpayers with efficient and accurate tax information. Our fiduciary responsibility is to ensure the sound management of public funds by maximizing earnings, maintaining liquidity, and safekeeping all funds.

First installment payments due to your local treasurer, not Dodge County!

You can now pay your 2nd half or delinquent real estate taxes online with a credit card or electronic check at or by telephone with a credit card at 1-800-272-9829. At the prompt enter jurisdiction code #5936.

For online and telephone payments, you will be required to provide your parcel ID number (PIN), name, and amount to be paid. Visit to get fee information for using these payment options.

For assessments, taxes and tax payment information, use the land records search tool.

Departmental Overview

The Dodge County Treasurer is a State Constitutional Officer whose directive is taken from various sections of Dodge County codes and ordinances as well as Wisconsin Statutes. It is an elected partisan office that holds a two year term. In 2008, the Treasurer will be elected to a four-year term.

Dodge County Treasurer activities include:

  • Recording and depositing all funds received from taxpayers, schools, lake management districts, municipalities, departments and governmental agencies as well as collecting all delinquent taxes after January 31.
  • Disbursing all monies due employees, agencies, vendors and taxpayers.
  • Determining all settlements for 44 municipalities, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, and all school districts within Dodge County.
  • Preparing documentation on foreclosure of tax delinquent properties each year.
  • Making County investments with the approval of the Finance Committee.
  • Preparing tax statements for mailing by local treasurer.
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