In the spring of 2011, two K9 Teams were approved by the County Board.  During the summer of 2011, two black labrador retrievers were located that were excellent candidates for K9 training.  Paige was acquired from River Velvet Retrievers from Horicon.  Ziva was obtained from the Dodge County Humane Society.  Deputy Gilbert Fairman and Lieutenant Chad Enright were chosen to be their handlers.  Training began August, 2011 and consisted of over 160 hours of obedience, odor identification, scent theory, first aid, case law, tracking, dog behavior and patrol procedures.  Certification of both teams by the North American Police Work Dog Association occurred in narcotics detection and tracking in early October, 2011.  They began patrolling soon after.


The K9 teams located well over $353,000 (approximate street value) of illegal drugs since they began working together.  This consisted of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and illegally obtained prescription drugs. In December, 2011, Lieutenant Enright conducted a search of a vehicle were he and Paige found over 39 pounds of high grade marijuana.   In May, 2012, Deputy Fairman conducted a traffic stop where he and Ziva found approximately 30 pounds of high grade marijuana.  


Both K9 teams were very active in 2012.   Lieutenant Enright and his partner Paige and Deputy Fairman and his partner Ziva had 550 K9 deployments and conducted 452 vehicle sniffs in 2012.  The teams also conducted 19 K9 tracks and assisted schools and local police departments with 19 school locker sniffs.  The teams conducted 18 public appearances where they explained their purpose and the unique ability of their partners to find illegal drugs.


As you can see, both K9 teams have been very busy and successful early in their careers.  We have found that both teams are very valuable to the sheriff’s department and the citizens of Dodge County. 


If you would like additional information about either of the K9 Units, you may contact Deputy Gib Fairman:  gfairman@co.dodge.wi.us or Lieutenant Chad Enright:  cenright@co.dodge.wi.us




Deputy Gilbert Fairman and K9 Ziva and Lieutenant Chad Enright and K9 Paige

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