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Dodge County currently has two K9 teams that serve the community.  The teams consist of Sgt. Joe Nicholas and Deputy Gib Fairman.  Both teams provide an important service to the sheriff's office and to the community they serve.  Both K9's were put into service in the fall of 2011 after over 160 hours of training that included obedience, odor identification, scent theory, first aid, case law, tracking, dog behavior and patrol procedures.  The K9's are trained to detect the odors of methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana and heroin.  In 2015 K9 Paige was transferred from her original handler, Chad Enright, when he promoted to lieutenant.  Sgt. Nicholas was selected as her handler and the team went through over 100 hours of additional training.  In May, 2015 both teams certified in controlled substance detection, tracking and article location through The American Police Canine Association.



K9 Paige was purchased in the summer of 2011 from River Velvet Kennels in Horicon, Wisconsin.  That fall K9 Paige helped locate over 39# of marijuana hidden in a large RV traveling on Highway 33.  She has had several successful tracks of fleeing criminals and is responsible for numerous arrests for various controlled substance violations.  K9 Paige has located methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and marijuana on the roads in Dodge County.



K9 Ziva was donated from the Dodge County Humane Society in the summer of 2011.  In the spring of 2012 K9 Ziva located approximately 35# of marijuana hidden in the bed of a pick-up truck in the township of Lowell.  K9 Ziva has located cocaine, heroin and marijuana on the roads in Dodge County. 


The K9 teams make a positive impact to Dodge County through various community appearances and by making an impact on the amount of controlled substances traveling through our community.  Some of the events the K9 teams participate in are as follows:


School Sniffs:  When requested by school administrators K9's sniff lockers and vehicles in parking lots to provide a reminder that we will not allow controlled substances in our schools.

Prison Sniffs:  When requested we assist with conducting sniffs inside of the prisons inside of Dodge County in an attempt to prevent controlled substances and other contraband from flowing through our prison system.
Interdiction Details: The K9 teams are routinely scheduled to work interdiction details to help prevent the distribution of controlled substances on our roadways.
Community Appearances: The K9 teams make many appearances throughout the year when requested by members of the community to bring awareness to various causes and learning opportunities.

Drug Task Force: The K9 teams work with the Dodge County Drug Task Force and assist with search warrants and other investigations.

K9 FAIRMAN                         K9 NICHOLAS

 Deputy Gib Fairman & K9 Ziva


 Sgt. Joe Nicholas & K9 Paige


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