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Dodge County is currently served by a regional, Wisconsin Well Woman Program (WWWP) coordinator. The program is administered by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.  This program provides specified breast and cervical cancer screenings to low income, uninsured, or underinsured women. Covered services are available from participating health care providers at no cost to Well Woman clients. There is no premium, co-payment or deductible for the Well Woman Program. Not all covered services are available from every provider.

What is Covered?

    ♦ Mammograms 

    ♦ Pap tests 

    ♦ Multiples sclerosis testing (for those at high risk) 

    ♦ Certain other health screenings related to breast and cervical cancer

Who Is Eligible?

    ♦ Women ages 45-64 years (limited eligibility exceptions apply to women ages 35-44 
       years: contact your coordinating agency for details) 

    ♦ No health insurance, insurance that does not cover breast and cervical cancer
       screening services, or inability to pay high deductibles and co-payments 

    ♦ Income within program limits (at or below 250% of federal poverty level; changes 
       annually on April 1st)

How to Apply?

    ♦ Women enroll through their regional WWWP coordinating agency

    ♦ Simple enrollment form; requires proof of age, income, and insurance status


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