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The Dodge County Sheriff's Office has designated Sheriff Dale J. Schmidt as the legal custodian of the records of the Dodge County Sheriff's Office.

The public may make requests for records or obtain copies of records in the custody of the Dodge County Sheriff's Office at the following place and time:

Dodge County Sheriff’s Office
124 West Street
Juneau, WI  53039

Office Hours:  8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (except for holidays).

A request needs to be made in writing along with the required prepayment fee. Click here for
OPEN RECORDS REQUEST FORM.  Fee is to be prepaid using cash or check or you may use a debit card/credit card by following the GovPayNet link below.  There will be a nominal fee charged for the use of the GovPayNet service.

 GovPayNet System

The following fees and costs will be imposed upon the requestor of access to records, photocopies of records, copies of photographs, digital copy of records and all other forms or reproduction of records unless otherwise specifically established or authorized to be established by law:

    1.  The cost of a photocopy of any record shall be a flat fee $2.00 plus an additional $.25 per page for any record over 16 pages.
    2.  The cost of an audio CD recording shall be $15.00. 
    3.  The cost of a photo CD shall be $15.00. 
    4.  The cost of a video/ICOP shall be $15.00.

In addition to the above, a fee for locating a record, not to exceed the actual, necessary and direct cost of location, based upon the cost of the time of the person who locates the record, but only if the cost of location is $50.00 or more.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office may provide copies of a record without charge or at a reduced charge if the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office determines that waiver or reduction of the charge is in the public interest.

Records will NOT be released the same day of the request as all requests will be processed in the order they are received and will need to be approved for release by the sheriff or designee.

If you have any questions regarding open records requests, please contact Jodi at (920)386-3730.


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