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Ackerman, AmandaElder Benefit SpecialistHuman Services and Health 920-386-3584 Email
Addison, DavidSenior Land Information SpecialistProperty Description920-386-3773 Email
Adelmeyer, GeraldCounty Board Supervisor - District 12County Board Supervisors920-488-5645 Email
Adult Family Home Care, Human Services -  Human Services and Health 920-386-3750 Email
Anderson, CindyHousehold Information AssistantClearview920-386-3458 Email
Bachhuber, WandaBenefit SpecialistHuman Services and Health 920-386-3259 Email
Baker, CheriDeputy TreasurerTreasurer920-386-3782 Email
Barrington, RobertManaging AttorneyDistrict Attorney920-386-3610 Email
Bartelt, Heidi Family Court920-386-3888 Email
Basol, NancyDeputy SecretarySheriff920-386-3745 Email
Bauch, SharonDeputySheriff920-386-4111 Email
Bauer, StevenBranch IV JudgeCircuit Courts920-386-4050 Email
Bebel, MarkChild Protective Services Intake SupervisorHuman Services and Health 920-386-3635 Email
Becker, PaulaSenior Social WorkerHuman Services and Health 920-386-3717 Email
Behl, Allen County Board Supervisor - District 19County Board Supervisors920-925-3846 Email
Berres, JeffCounty Board Supervisor - District 20County Board Supervisors920-988-3652 Email
Bethke, MarcCounty ConservationistLand Conservation920-386-3663 Email
Binder, TamiHousehold Information AssistantClearview920-386-3484 Email
Bird, Robert  Land Conservation920-386-3558 Email
Bird, SandyJudicial AssistantCircuit Courts920-386-4014 Email
Bischoff, LarryCounty Board Supervisor - District 17County Board Supervisors920-349-3096 Email
Bissonnette, AndrewBranch III JudgeCircuit Courts920-386-3805 Email
Bjork, DawnLegal AssistantDistrict Attorney920-386-3610 Email
Blank, ErinADONClearview920-386-3468 Email
Bobholz, JaniceCounty Board Supervisor - District 5County Board Supervisors920-887-0700 Email
Bobholz, MaryCounty Board Supervisor - District 3County Board Supervisors920-887-3337 Email
Boda, SueProperty Listing SpecialistProperty Description920-386-3772 Email
Boeck, JasonDeputySheriff920-386-4102 Email
Bohonek, John Land Conservation920-386-3662 Email
Borchardt, CharlesDeputySheriff920-386-4176 Email
Borden, BonnieYouth and Dairy LivestockUW Extension920-386-3796 Email
Boyd, KarenOffice ManagerLand Resources and Parks920-386-3701 Email
Brandsma, Shelby Family Court920-386-3631 Email
Brandt, BarbJudicial AssistantCircuit Courts920-386-4050 Email
Braun, CherylAccount ClerkHighway920-386-3589 Email
Braunschweig, Dave Land Conservation920-386-3557 Email
Brooks, BarbReceptionist/Transportation SchedulingClearview920-386-3433 Email
Brugger, AnthonyDeputy Jail AdministratorSheriff920-386-4016 Email
Brugger, VickieDetectiveSheriff920-386-3715 Email
Buchda, HollyCommunications OfficerSheriff920-386-3726 Email
Buckner, Scott Sheriff  Email
Budde, BonnieChief Deputy County ClerkCounty Clerk920-386-3601 Email
Buelter, JaimeDeputySheriff920-386-4107 Email
Bussian, ErinSenior Social WorkerHuman Services and Health 920-386-3608 Email
Caceres, VictorStaff PhysicianClearview920-386-3465 Email
Caine, ChesterCounty Board Supervisor - District 18County Board Supervisors920-927-3838 Email
Carroll, PattieFamily LivingUW Extension920-386-3789 Email
Check, AshleyAmeriCorps VISTAUW Extension920-386-3792 Email
Child Protective Services Intake, Human Services -  Human Services and Health 920-386-3750 Email
Child Protective Services Ongoing, Human Services -  Human Services and Health 920-386-3750 Email
Child Support, Call CenterChild Support Call CenterChild Support414-615-2589
Children with Disabilities Division, Human Services -  Human Services and Health 920-386-3750 Email
Children's Foster Care Division, Human Services -  Human Services and Health   Email
Churchill, ChristineCommunication SergeantSheriff920-386-4133 Email
Cigelske, MarleneDeputy TreasurerTreasurer920-386-3781 Email
Community Support Program    Email
Comprehensive Community Services    Email
Corey, John Corporation Counsel920-386-3592 Email
Coulter, DianeADR SpecialistHuman Services and Health 920-386-4010 Email
Counard, DonaldDeputySheriff920-386-4125 Email
Couperus, PamSenior Social WorkerHuman Services and Health 920-386-3629 Email
Crisis/Intake Services    Email
Crook, CindyRN, MDS CoordinatorClearview920-386-3978 Email
Dahl, DianeDeputy SecretarySheriff920-386-3731 Email
Day, KevinDetectiveSheriff920-386-3963 Email
Decker, Evelyn Family Court920-386-3622 Email
Decker, MikePayroll SpecialistClearview920-386-3426 Email
Derr, LisaCounty Board Supervisor - District 32County Board Supervisors920-885-5549 Email
Dobratz, GraceDirector of Dietary ServicesClearview920-386-3418 Email
Dodge, IanNetwork AnalystInformation Technology920-386-3817 Email
Drumm, BrianLieutenantSheriff920-386-3748 Email
Duchac, JeffryCounty Board Supervisor - District 25County Board Supervisors920-324-3934 Email
Duckert, Jon Land Conservation920-386-3661 Email
Dumke, TedSenior Land SurveyorSurvey920-386-3803 Email
Edelstein, LarryQMRPClearview920-386-3442 Email
Edelstein, LuAnneRN Household ManagerClearview920-386-3441 Email
Ehlenbeck, BillManager of Parks and TrailsLand Resources and Parks920-386-3702 Email
Eilbes, DianeReceptionist/HIM ClerkClearview920-386-3808 Email
Ellis, AaronDirector of Communications/Support StaffSheriff920-386-3224 Email
Enright, ChadLieutenantSheriff920-386-4126 Email
Eske, SarahHuman Resource AnalystHuman Resources920-386-3691 Email
Fabisch, JohnCounty Board Supervisor - District 29County Board Supervisors920-885-5073 Email
Fairman, GilbertDeputySheriff920-386-4123 Email
Fett, LoriAdministrative AssistantFinance920-386-3520 Email
Fiacco, JoyceDirector / Land Information OfficerLand Resources and Parks920-386-3960 Email
Field, BrianHighway CommissionerHighway920-386-3653 Email
Franke, NancyDirectorRestorative Justice920-386-3943 Email
Franks, RandyWestside Patrol SuperintendentHighway920-386-4007 Email
Freber, ChristineCOTAClearview920-386-3473 Email
Freber, RussellDirectorPhysical Facilities920-386-3665 Email
Frederick, Cheryl Register of Deeds920-386-3720 Email
Frinak, CharlesMedical DirectorClearview920-386-3465 Email
Frohling, DavidCounty Board Supervisor - District 23County Board Supervisors920-261-1589 Email
Frost, TraceCaptainSheriff920-386-3738 Email
Gallenbeck, JohnDeputySheriff920-386-4165 Email
Gibson, Karen County ClerkCounty Clerk920-386-3605 Email
Giebel, JoeManager of Code AdministrationLand Resources and Parks920-386-3711 Email
Goetsch, DoreenAdult Protective Services/Long Term Support SupervisorHuman Services and Health 920-386-3639 Email
Gohr, PhillipCounty Board Supervisor - District 14County Board Supervisors920-387-4268 Email
Grams, MarkVeterans Service OfficerVeterans920-386-3799 Email
Greatens, JayRehab SpecialistClearview920-386-3532 Email
Grebel, RandyCounty Board Supervisor - District 7County Board Supervisors920-885-4540 Email
Greshay, RichardCounty Board Supervisor - District 8County Board Supervisors920-485-2566 Email
Grosenick, EricaCommunications OfficerSheriff920-386-3726 Email
Grosenick, SandyDeputy Register of DeedsRegister of Deeds920-386-3723 Email
Grossman, JeramyCommunications OfficerSheriff920-386-3726 Email
Gunderson, AmyCBIC RN ManagerClearview920-386-3437 Email
Gutzman, BeckyWisconsin Nutrition Education Program CoordinatorUW Extension920-386-3790 Email
Haase, ChadDetectiveSheriff920-386-4114 Email
Haase, John Shop SuperintendentHighway920-386-3658 Email
Hammann, AnnChief Deputy TreasurerTreasurer920-386-3780 Email
Hanson, Karen Veterans920-386-3798 Email
Harvancik, KevinDeputySheriff920-386-4130 Email
Hauge, TyaSocial Services SpecialistClearview920-386-3444 Email
Hazelberg, ThomasCommunications OfficerSheriff920-386-3726 Email
Hennes, BethRN Household ManagerClearview920-386-3440 Email
Henning, KellyHuman Resource Assistant IIHuman Resources920-386-3237 Email
Her, CaylaVictim Witness 920-386-3610 Email
Her, CaylaVictim Witness 920-386-3610 Email
Herman, KimCommunity Mental Health Programs SupervisorHuman Services and Health 920-386-3831 Email
Hilker, PattiTreasurerTreasurer920-386-3783 Email
Hill, Jim Director of Environmental ServicesClearview920-386-3420 Email
Hill, LoriParks and Trails SupportLand Resources and Parks920-386-3708 Email
Hoelzel, ClemCounty Board Supervisor - District 27County Board Supervisors920-324-3546 Email
Hoffman, JeffCommunity and Economic DevelopmentUW Extension920-386-3795 Email
Homan, KevinDeputySheriff920-386-4104 Email
Hooper, JaneAdministratorClearview920-386-3409 Email
Hopp, DeanDeputySheriff920-386-4030 Email
Houchin, JamesCounty Board Supervisor - District 21County Board Supervisors920-261-0764 Email
Hron, LynnClerk of CourtClerk of Courts920-386-3570 Email
Huebner, JulieAccounts SpecialistClearview920-386-3463 Email
Intoxicated Driver Assessment    Email
Jacob, PatriciaTransportation ClerkHuman Services and Health 920-386-3581 Email
Janssen, KathyPublic Health NurseHuman Services and Health 920-386-3673 Email
Jaster, RoySalvage Vehicle InspectorSheriff920-386-3747 Email
Johnson, HaroldCounty Board Supervisor - District 15County Board Supervisors920-583-4010 Email
Justman, PaulaLegal AssistantDistrict Attorney920-386-3610 Email
Juvenile Justice, Human Services -  Human Services and Health 920-386-3750 Email
Kaczmarski, PeteCommunications OfficerSheriff920-386-3726 Email
Kaepernick, Maxine Treasurer  Email
Kaul, DebbieDeputy SecretarySheriff920-386-3729 Email
Kehrmeyer, LynetteCentral SupplyClearview920-386-3448 Email
Kehrmeyer, MaryOffice ManagerHighway920-386-3652 Email
Kenning, Michelle Clerk of Courts920-386-3570 Email
Ketchem, JamesLieutenantSheriff920-386-4005 Email
Kianovsky, Zev Corporation Counsel920-386-3881 Email
Kielisch, JudithCOTAClearview920-386-4561 Email
Kikkert, AdamMaintenance LeadClearview920-386-3421 Email
Kirchoff, LindsayAssisted Living SupervisorClearview920-386-3231 Email
Kittleson, PattiLegal AssistantDistrict Attorney920-386-3610 Email
Kjornes, ChristineDeputy County ClerkCounty Clerk920-386-3606 Email
Klomberg, KurtDistrict AttorneyDistrict Attorney920-386-3610 Email
Kohlhoff, JoshNetwork TechnicianInformation Technology920-386-3924 Email
Kollath, PattiScheduling SupervisorClearview920-386-3204 Email
Kolli, RaoAccountantClearview920-386-3429 Email
Kolp, JulieFinance DirectorFinance920-386-3287 Email
Kontny, JustinDeputySheriff920-386-4253 Email
Kotek, CherylCommunications OfficerSheriff920-386-3726 Email
Kottke, RussellCounty Board Chair - District 2County Board Supervisors920-928-3168 Email
Kramer, RandyDeputySheriff920-386-4105 Email
Kreitzman, RodneyJail AdministratorSheriff920-386-3733 Email
Kriewald, HowardCounty Board Supervisor - District 9County Board Supervisors920-387-2895 Email
Krueger, EricSergeantSheriff920-386-4116 Email
Krueger, KimDietary TechnicianClearview920-386-3967 Email
Krumholz, AndrewDeputySheriff920-386-4119 Email
Kuen, Mary JoJudicial AssistantCircuit Courts920-386-3551 Email
Kufalk, ReinhardChild Protective Services Ongoing SupervisorHuman Services and Health 920-386-3609 Email
Kuhl, JacquelineUnit CoordinatorClearview920-386-3577 Email
Kurutz, LoriSupport Services DirectorClearview920-386-3415 Email
Lagerman, CarrieAdministrative AssistantFinance920-386-3522 Email
Lange, LoriPublic Health NurseHuman Services and Health 920-386-3676 Email
Langfeldt, JodyPublic Health OfficerHuman Services and Health 920-386-3674 Email
Learned, DawnCommunications OfficerSheriff920-386-3726 Email
Lechner, JoeEastside Patrol SuperintendentHighway920-386-3657 Email
Leissring, Carol Medical Examiner920-386-3941 Email
Lepple, Jean Register of Deeds  Email
Lepple, Kelly Corporation Counsel920-386-3590 Email
Lepple, TracyRehab SpecialistClearview920-386-3576 Email
Lerum, Buddi JoRN Household ManagerClearview920-386-3476 Email
Lessard, VickiCommunications OfficerSheriff920-386-3726 Email
Levenhagen, StephanieNutrition & Transportation ManagerHuman Services and Health 920-386-3583 Email
Lifke, EileenAssistant DirectorFinance920-386-3521 Email
Lloyd, TammyCommunications OfficerSheriff920-386-3726 Email
Loos, BrianLieutenantSheriff920-386-4117 Email
Lormis, ChristineRN Household ManagerClearview920-386-3818 Email
Lothen, LynnADR SpecialistHuman Services and Health 920-386-3416 Email
Lubbert, AbbyPublic Health NurseHuman Services and Health 920-386-3678 Email
Luchini, KimAccounts SpecialistClearview920-386-3425 Email
Macdonald, MelanieADRC/Aging Services SupervisorHuman Services and Health 920-386-3582 Email
Machkovitz, Randy Physical Facilities920-386-3911 Email
Malterer, TracyProgram Support Staff 4-H/Youth DevelopmentUW Extension920-386-3834 Email
Maly, DonnaCounty Board Supervisor - District 28County Board Supervisors920-342-3573 Email
Marchese, AnthonyDirector of Financial ServicesClearview920-386-3428 Email
Marks, DaleRadio SpecialistSheriff920-386-3529 Email
Marose, KayChild and Adolescent Services SupervisorHuman Services and Health 920-386-3688 Email
Marsik, JosephCounty Board Supervisor - District 6County Board Supervisors920-623-5021 Email
Matoushek, MichaelRecreation Patrol DeputySheriff920-386-4108 Email
Mattson, RodgerCounty Board Supervisor - District 33County Board Supervisors920-887-3566 Email
McAleer, PhilAssistant DirectorPhysical Facilities920-386-3274 Email
Meagher, JoeDeputy DirectorEmergency Management920-386-3993 Email
Meier, AmandaAccounting SpecialistClearview920-386-3427 Email
Meimann, AmyPublic Health TechnicianHuman Services and Health 920-386-3680 Email
Mental Health and Substance Abuse ServicesHuman Services and Health   Email
Micale, CarmenSergeantSheriff920-386-4132 Email
Midtbo, CindyAccount ClerkHighway920-386-3650 Email
Mielke, JamesCounty AdministratorCounty Administrator920-386-4251 Email
Miller, JodieJudicial AssistantCircuit Courts920-386-3805 Email
Miller, MaryAnnCounty Board Supervisor - District 30County Board Supervisors920-887-2288 Email
Mills, SaraDisability Benefit SpecialistHuman Services and Health 920-386-4020 Email
Mindt, ChristyRecreation TherapistClearview920-386-3546 Email
Morell, MichaelDeputySheriff920-386-4101 Email
Mork, Nicole Communications OfficerSheriff920-386-3726 Email
Muche, WilliamCounty Board Supervisor - District 13County Board Supervisors920-387-2135 Email
Mueller, BernieDirectorChild Support920-386-4270 Email
Mueller, SusanIT Manager/Project AdministratorInformation Technology920-386-4200 Email
Muenchow, Amy Human Services and Health 920-386-3680 Email
Mullin, BarbCommunications OfficerSheriff920-386-3726 Email
Muskovitz, MaryAdministrative AssistantFinance920-386-3538 Email
Nakielski, KevinTechnical Support SpecialistInformation Technology920-386-4175 Email
Narr, LisaHome and Financial AdvisorHuman Services and Health 920-386-3759 Email
Navis, Peter Corporation Counsel  Email
Nehls, AmyDirectorEmergency Management920-386-3999 Email
Nehls, John Physical Facilities  Email
Nehls, TaylorDeputySheriff920-386-4110 Email
Nehls, TomEngineering TechnicianHighway920-386-4231 Email
Neitzel, Rebecca Land Conservation920-386-3660 Email
Nelson, EdCounty Board Supervisor - District 4County Board Supervisors920-326-2060 Email
Nicholas, JoeDeputySheriff920-386-4128 Email
Nickerson, KathyHousehold Information AssistantClearview920-386-3482 Email
Ninmann, HeatherHousehold SpecialistClearview920-386-3555 Email
Ninmann, PatriciaSheriffSheriff920-386-3992 Email
Noe, StevenSenior CartographerSurvey920-386-3775 Email
Novak, PeggyVictim Witness 920-386-3610 Email
Novobielski, DarrickDeputySheriff920-386-4118 Email
Novotny, TammyRehab SpecialistClearview920-386-3403 Email
Oblinski, DuaneDeputySheriff920-386-4156 Email
O'Brien, AnthonySocial Services SpecialistClearview920-386-4182 Email
Ochs, TerryLand Use Sanitation SpecialistLand Resources and Parks920-386-3270 Email
Oechsner, DawnRehab SpecialistClearview920-386-3474 Email
Olson, NathanSenior PlannerLand Resources and Parks920-386-3948 Email
ONeill, JesseSenior GIS SpecialistLand Resources and Parks920-386-3706 Email
Ormont, EdMental Health/AODA Services SupervisorHuman Services and Health 920-386-3490 Email
Otto, RuthDirector of Information TechnologyInformation Technology920-386-3940 Email
Payne, JaimeAccount ClerkHighway920-386-3651 Email
Perlick, DeanManager of Planning and Economic DevelopmentLand Resources and Parks920-386-3710 Email
Peters, AnnLegal Assistant 920-386-3610 Email
Petersen, JeffTransport DeputySheriff920-386-4069 Email
Petrack, ScottDeputySheriff920-386-4121 Email
Pett, SteveOperations SuperintendentHighway920-386-4230 Email
Pfitzinger, Brian Branch I JudgeCircuit Courts920-386-4014 Email
Planasch, ChrisRegister of DeedsRegister of Deeds920-386-3722 Email
Pollesch, DarrellCounty Board Supervisor - District 1County Board Supervisors920-928-2392 Email
Polsin, TomDeputy Jail AdministratorSheriff920-386-3959 Email
Powell, MikeParks ForemanLand Resources and Parks920-386-3704 Email
Prust, TomStock ClerkHighway920-386-3656 Email
Psychiatric ServicesHuman Services and Health   Email
Puga, MarvellaPublic Health TechnicianHuman Services and Health 920-386-4001 Email
Rains, JoeDirectorHuman Resources920-386-3692 Email
Rathke, WhitneyAmeriCorps VISTAUW Extension920-386-3788 Email
Reissmann, MikeDetectiveSheriff920-386-3744 Email
Reissmann, SuzanneCommunications SergeantSheriff920-386-3726 Email
Riedl, JoanneAccount ClerkHuman Services and Health 920-386-3670 Email
Roberts, ErinNetwork TechnicianInformation Technology920-386-3925 Email
Roberts, Phyllis Legal AssistantDistrict Attorney920-386-3610 Email
Roesch, MarkCounty Board Supervisor - District 22County Board Supervisors920-261-1275 Email
Rogers, ShawnDeputy SecretarySheriff920-386-4073 Email
Rolfs, AndyDetectiveSheriff920-386-4130 Email
Rosecky, MaryPublic Health NurseHuman Services and Health 920-386-4002 Email
Rossing, SandySecretaryHuman Resources920-386-3690 Email
Schaefer, ThomasCounty Board Supervisor - District 10County Board Supervisors920-625-3429 Email
Schaefer, VanessaCommunications OfficerSheriff920-386-3726 Email
Schaumburg, RogerLand Use Sanitation SpecialistLand Resources and Parks920-386-3709 Email
Schefft, KristineADR SpecialistHuman Services and Health 920-386-4029 Email
Schiffer, BenNetwork AnalystInformation Technology920-386-4201 Email
Schmidt, DaleSergeantSheriff920-386-4115 Email
Schmidt, DennisCounty Board Supervisor - District 24County Board Supervisors920-386-9327 Email
Schneider, DianaPublic Health NurseHuman Services and Health 920-386-3263 Email
Schneider, LeeCommunications OfficerSheriff920-386-3726 Email
Schneider, LisaRHIT, HIM CoordinatorClearview920-386-3905 Email
Schoebel, PatrickMedical ExaminerMedical Examiner920-386-3941 Email
Schoenike, Sally4H Youth DevelopmentUW Extension920-386-3797 Email
Schraufnagel, LarryCounty Board Supervisor - District 16County Board Supervisors920-269-4748 Email
Schultz, AlyssaDivision Manager, Clinical and Family ServicesHuman Services and Health 920-386-3492 Email
Schultz, Jodi Register of Deeds920-386-3838 Email
Schultz, Karen Corporation Counsel920-386-3964 Email
Schultz, LeannInsurance and Benefits CoordinatorHuman Resources920-386-3523 Email
Schulz, AnnDirector of NursingClearview920-386-3410 Email
Schulz, GaryEngineering TechnicianHighway920-386-3654 Email
Schuster, JohnStock ClerkHighway920-386-4232 Email
Schwab, Carol WIC Project DirectorHuman Services and Health 920-386-3681 Email
Schwartz, RyanDeputySheriff920-386-4127 Email
Sell, RobertHighway Safety CoordinatorSheriff920-386-4017 Email
Sempf, JamesAssistant District AttorneyDistrict Attorney920-386-3610 Email
Severson, BrianDeputySheriff920-386-3713 Email
Shadley, JanetScheduling AssistantClearview920-386-3804 Email
Smith, ScottChief DeputySheriff920-386-3737 Email
Soldner, JillAdministrative SecretaryClearview920-386-3424 Email
Stanek, MikeCrops and SoilsUW Extension920-386-3793 Email
Steger, LynnProbate Court CommissionerRegister in Probate920-386-3550 Email
Steinke, GinaJudicial AssistantDistrict Attorney920-386-4259 Email
Stiemsma, DanDetectiveSheriff920-386-4046 Email
Storck, JohnBranch II JudgeCircuit Courts920-386-3551 Email
Stousland, GlennCounty Board Supervisor - District 31County Board Supervisors920-887-9300 Email
Strade, BruceSystems AnalystInformation Technology920-386-3920 Email
Strauss, RachelRN Household ManagerClearview920-386-3411 Email
Strohbusch, Rachel Corporation Counsel920-386-3591 Email
Struve, DebProgram Support Staff Administrative/Community Development/WNEPUW Extension920-386-3790 Email
Sullivan, TheodoreDetectiveSheriff920-386-4100 Email
Support, ChildChild Support Call CenterChild Support414-615-2589
Thompson, GibAssistant District AttorneyDistrict Attorney920-386-3610 Email
Thompson, PeterAssistant CommissionerHighway920-386-3655 Email
Tienstra, YolandaAssistant District AttorneyDistrict Attorney920-386-3610 Email
Tisdale, JenniferLand Resources SupportLand Resources and Parks920-386-3961 Email
Treasurer  920-386-3782 Email
Uttke, WayneCounty Board Supervisor - District 11County Board Supervisors262-853-5895 Email
VacantCounty Board Supervisor - District 26County Board Supervisors  Email
Van Buren, StacyHuman Resources at ClearviewHuman Resources920-386-3431 Email
Van Buren, StacyHuman ResourcesClearview920-386-3431 Email
Van Denhoek, BrendaTransport DeputySheriff920-386-4078 Email
Van Loenen, ShaneNetwork AdministratorInformation Technology920-386-3889 Email
Veling, JohnDirector of Central Services 920-386-3725 Email
Vergenz, AshleySocial Services SpecialistClearview920-386-3821 Email
Vergenz, KathyDeputy SecretarySheriff920-386-4004 Email
Walston, DennisSergeantSheriff920-386-4032 Email
Weber, MichelleCommunications OfficerSheriff920-386-3726 Email
Weihert, GregProcess ServerSheriff920-386-4120 Email
Weikert, NicoleCommunications OfficerSheriff920-386-3726 Email
Weinfurter, RobbieDeputySheriff920-386-4131 Email
Weninger, DavidSergeantSheriff920-386-4006 Email
Wenzel, BrendaProgram Support Staff Agriculture/Family Living/Youth Dairy & LivestockUW Extension920-386-3791 Email
Westhuis, JayTAD DirectorSheriff920-386-4290 Email
Westimayer, Mary Kay Physical Facilities SecretaryPhysical Facilities920-386-3669 Email
Westphal, JasonDeputySheriff920-386-4109 Email
Wiebelhaus, Deb4H Program AssistantUW Extension920-386-3794 Email
Wiersma, CathySenior Social WorkerHuman Services and Health 920-386-3588 Email
Wiersma, JimFoster Care CoordinatorHuman Services and Health 920-386-3634 Email
Willmann, MichaelSergeantSheriff920-386-4124 Email
Wimmer, JanetDirector of Human Services and HealthHuman Services and Health 920-386-3534 Email
Wolfe, Jermey DeputySheriff920-386-4141 Email
Young, AshleyWIC NutritionistHuman Services and Health 920-386-4013 Email
Zanghi, LinaPublic Health NurseHuman Services and Health 920-386-3671 Email
Zilliox, AngelaHuman Resource SpecialistClearview920-386-3438 Email
Zilliox, Angi Human Resource Specialist - ClearviewHuman Resources920-386-3438 Email
Zimmerman, VickiADR SpecialistHuman Services and Health 920-386-4161 Email
Ziorgen, ScottDeputySheriff920-386-4103 Email
Zirbel, DavidCommunications SergeantSheriff920-386-3726 Email
Zitlow, JodiDeputy SecretarySheriff920-386-3730 Email
Zwieg, KathyReceptionistDistrict Attorney920-386-3610 Email