What Do I Do If I Believe a Crime Has Occurred In Dodge County?


If you believe a crime has occurred in Dodge County, you need to contact the police agency where the crime has allegedly been committed.  Our office cannot charge a person with a crime until we receive a referral from a police agency.  Because our office does not initially investigate crimes, we rely on the area police agencies to conduct the investigation process for us.


Once the police agency has completed the investigation, they will refer the case to our office, if they believe a crime has been committed.  The case will be logged in and assigned to one of our attorneys.  That attorney will review the case and determine if there is enough evidence to charge that person with a crime.


If you are the victim, you will be notified by our office when a charge is filed, or if we decide not to file criminal charges.

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Last updated: 4/16/2013 9:49:49 AM