Ann Schulz 

Ann Schulz, BSN, Director of Nursing Services


Erin Blank, RN, Asst. Director of Nursing

Nursing Care is primarily focused on assisting our residents to achieve their highest level of ability.

Our dedicated nursing team consists of Certified Nursing Assistants who provide all of the basic cares needed by a resident. The Team Leaders, which may either be a Licensed Practical Nurse or a staff Registered Nurse are mainly responsible for the distribution of medications and performing treatments.

Registered Nurses are responsible for the total coordination of care with other disciplines, as well as ongoing assessment of the residents and evaluation of their care

Registered Nurses also supervise all nursing employees and the care they provide to residents. The Registered Nurse makes frequents contacts with the residents' families or legal representatives regarding the resident's condition. The Registered Nurse is available to educate the resident and family about the resident's health problems and treatment plan. This education is essential to enable a resident to return home and resume their usual pattern of living if that goal is possible.

Medical Services...A physician is on site or on call full time and on an emergency basis to address the medical needs of our residents. Under the direction of the physician, residents receive frequent visits during times of acute illness as well as scheduled intermittent visits for chronic problems.
Our physicians prescribe:

Medications, Treatments, Wound care, Hydration through hydrodermoclysis or IV solutions, Medical support through IV antibiotics or electrolytes, Nutrition though TPN and a central line

Clearview has selected Achieve Therapy Solutions to offer comprehensive Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy services for inpatients and outpatients. Achieve is dedicated to helping residents function at their highest ability level and improve their quality of life. Individualized treatment programs identify and focus on specific impairments before they result in significant changes or declines.


Excellent patient outcomes and satisfaction are the hallmarks of Achieve’s commitment to quality care. Achieve ensures this by collaborating with the treatment team including the patient, their family, their physician, and Clearview staff.

Achieve’s areas of specialty include:

*Edema Management *Wound Care Management *Balance and Vestibular Disorders *Dysphagia (Swallowing) Therapy and Vital Stim *Dementia and Behavior Intervention and Programming *Traumatic Brain Injury Intervention *Neuromuscular Re-Education

For admission information or information on Clearview's programs, please contact Lori Kurutz at 920-386-3415 or email at

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