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Huber/Work Release

The court may give persons sentenced to the Dodge County Detention Facility huber/work release privileges. This privilege was established by statute so that persons confined to jail can maintain their employment, continue to support their families and meet other obligations. Huber payments must be made in cash weekly. When reporting in to the Dodge County Detention Facility, the first two weeks huber fees are due at that time ($210.00) and fees of $105.00 are due each week thereafter. There is a booking fee of $25.00 for all sentenced inmates. Prior to leaving for work, an inmate or driver must show the following:

  • Proof of a valid driver's license;
  • Proof of automobile insurance for the vehicle the inmate will be riding in to and from work;
  • The insurance must show the date the policy is in effect, as well as an expiration date and vehicle description;
  • A receipt of payment or insurance binder will not be acceptable proof. A payment receipt on company letterhead, signed by the agent and showing an expiration date may be acceptable.
  • Work schedules are required to be completed weekly. 

If you are convicted of an OWI you must by state statute have ignition interlock installed. This applies to vehicle(s) that are registered in your name or you operate. You must do one of the following within 14 days of your sentencing date:

1. Have the interlock installed
2. Have an exemption from sentencing judge
3. Have vehicle transferred out of your name

If you do not comply with the above, you will not be able to exercise Huber privileges.

If accepted on GPS you must bring in proof of interlock being installed in your vehicle(s) or copy(s) of title transferred or the signed copy by your sentencing judge for the interlock exemption forms.

Huber inmates may bring items needed for work which are kept in a separate locker within the facility. Clothing and items needed within the facility are issued by the facility. Unless the Judgment of Conviction states otherwise, people reporting in for a huber sentence should do so between 9am and 6pm in the main lobby.


Anyone wishing to transfer from Dodge County to another agency should come to the facility and complete a transfer request form. Once the form is completed, an officer will forward the form to the other agency one week prior to the start date. An officer will contact the applicant to indicate if he/she has been accepted or denied.

Inmates that want to transfer to Dodge County from another agency shall request the transfer through the county they were sentenced in. Once the transfer form has been completed, he/she should not contact DCDF - an officer will contact the sentencing county and the sentencing county will contact the applicant. The requirements for insurance, etc. are the same as huber/work release (see that section).


2014 PREA Annual Report
2015 PREA Annual Report

To report a PREA incident at the Dodge County Detention Facility contact the on-duty sergeant at 920-386-3219

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