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The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division provides traffic enforcement, initial response to complaints and investigation into criminal law violations.

The division is managed by the patrol captain and then divided into three shifts, each having a lieutenant and two sergeants as listed below:

Captain Trace Frost

1st Shift 2nd Shift 3rd Shift
Lt. James Ketchem Lt. Brian Loos Lt. Chad Enright
Sgt. Eric Krueger Sgt. Joe Nicholas Sgt. CJ Micale
Sgt. Dennis Walston Sgt. Michael Willmann Sgt. Jason Boeck
Deputy Scott Ziorgen  Deputy Kelsey Knaup Deputy Andy Krumholz
Deputy Kevin Harvancik Deputy Don Counard Deputy Dustin Waas
Deputy Mike Morell Deputy Ryan Schwartz Deputy Jermey Wolfe
Deputy Kevin Homan Deputy Robbie Weinfurter Deputy Duane Olbinski
Deputy Mike Matoushek Deputy Jaime Buelter Deputy Charlie Borchardt
Deputy Jason Westphal Deputy Taylor Nehls Deputy John Gallenbeck
Deputy Scott Petrack Deputy Sharon Bauch Deputy Michael Workman
Deputy Randy Kramer Deputy Brian Severson Deputy Ryan Jackson
Deputy Gib Fairman Deputy Justin Kontny
Deputy William Pansier
  Deputy Jason Roy   



The patrol division takes on a variety of specialized programs. Participants in each program receive additional training and are called on for investigative purposes as well as public education. The following is a list of programs with a link to additional information and photos:

 Child Safety Seat Program [PDF]

Advancements in technology have been incorporated into the daily operations of most law enforcement personnel. These include in-car computers, audio/video recording equipment, compact radar units, preliminary breathalyzer tests and a radar trailer, just to name a few. Click on the links below for additional information along with some current photos:

I am extremely proud of all the officers in the patrol division. Their service to our county continuously shows a high standard of dedication and professionalism. They serve the public 24/7. This service is sometimes only seen as the officer handing out a ticket but they are truly committed to protecting the citizens of this community with routine checks of our property and businesses as well as care to those in need.

You may contact me with any concern or questions at 920-386-3738 or via email at

Thank you.

Captain Trace Frost

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