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Sheriff sales are conducted in the lobby of the Dodge County Sheriff's Office located at 124 West St., Juneau, Wisconsin. The dates and time of these sales are listed below. Effective January 1, 2011 sheriff sales will be conducted every Wednesday of the month at 10:00 a.m.

The bank, lending institution or their attorney will put in the first bid. Anyone else can then bid on the property. The property goes to the highest bidder.

Successful bidders are required to have 10% of their bid payable to the Clerk of Courts in cash, money order or certified check at the time of the sale. The balance is due at the time of confirmation. The successful bidder is also responsible for all legal liens, encumbrances and unpaid real estate taxes.

Upon sale to a third party bidder, a charge of $3.00 per thousand dollar bid is required for the Real Estate Transfer Fee. Payment of the transfer fee is due at the time of sale payable to the Dodge County Sheriff's Office in the form of cash, cashier's check or money order.

Sales are subject to cancellation at any time without notice.

Upcoming Sales

May 25, 2016

  • 15CV172 (Trawitzki) 815 Morgan St., Clyman, WI
  • 15CV357  (Hegedus)  N2721 Cty. Trk. P, Rubicon,  WI - cancelled
  • 15CV268  (Scoles)  N5027 Sinissippi Point Rd., Juneau, WI
  • 15CV350  (Schimmel)  203 Commerce Dr., Reeseville, WI
  • 15CV25  (Severson)  318 Grove St., Beaver Dam, WI 

June 1, 2016

  • 15CV285  (Hoeft)  514 E. Jefferson St., Waupun, WI
  • 15CV416  (Douma)  299 Williams St., Randolph, WI - cancelled
  • 15CV470  (Pecunies)  402 Booth St., Fox Lake, WI
  • 16CV6  (Patzer)  126 S. Finch St., Horicon, WI
  • 15CV453  (Kreuziger)  145 E. Davis St., Beaver Dam, WI
  • 15CV6160 (Stieglbauer) 4 parcels, Neosho, WI

June 8, 2016

  • 15CV388  (Gillingham)  315 N. Center St., Beaver Dam, WI - cancelled 

June 15, 2016

  • 16CV39  (Moldenhauer)  N6248 Fabisch Rd., Beaver Dam, WI
  • 15CV343  (Estate of Buzzell)  612 Columbia St., Horicon, WI
  • 15CV290  (Vandervelde)  108 Mary St., Beaver Dam, WI 
  • 15CV85  (Laufer)  5349 Cty. Trk. U, Hartford, WI 

 June 22, 2016

  • 16CV1  (Anderson)  210 S. School St., Mayville, WI

June 29, 2016

  • 15CV342  (Boyer) 204 Carroll St., Beaver Dam, WI
  • 15CV436  (Snyder)  221 West St., Juneau, WI
  • 16CV101  (Stengel)  509 Tamarack St., Randolph, WI

July 6, 2016

  •  15CV69  (Panzer)  N11892 Panzer Rd., Brownsville, WI

July 13, 2016

  • 15CV535  (Gonzalez)  517 N. Center St., Beaver Dam, WI
  • 15CV174  (Smith)  233 S. Main St., Juneau, WI
  • 15CV429  (Krueger)  105 Elm St., Beaver Dam, WI
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